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I Will Always Remember

I Will Always Remember,

The days we used to spend,

When I was a baby,

You would baby sit me,

You would rock me to sleep,

And sing me a lullaby,

As I got older,

We would play games,

How can I forget?

The nights I would spend over,

You’d stay up with me,

And tell me stories,

Because I was too scared,

To go to sleep,

Or because,

I was crying and felt homesick.

I Will Always Remember,

The great Birthday or Christmas gifts,

You always knew what to get me,

How can I forget?

The times we went out to lunch,

And left with our tummy’s full,

And the money I got from you,

For having that messy pig sty clean,

Or for good grades.

I Will Always Remember,

The times we went shopping,

We would try to find out way,

The very few times we got lost.

I Will Always Remember,

The times I ran to you crying,

You would always get me to stop,

Who will stop my tears now,

That you are gone.

As the days continue to grow,

I think of all the memories I will forever remember,

A life time of memories will not be forgotten,

From the first day i could say grandma,

Till the day I am forced to say goodbye,

Our time together was always fun,

But the time was short,

I used to dream of my wedding day,

And you were in everyone,

I guess some dreams don’t come true,

Thank you for helping me grow up,

I know that you are in Heaven,

Looking down and smiling,

You will still continue to watch me grow,

Even if you’re not here where I can see you,

You will still show me the right way,

I’m going to miss your visits,

Your Christmas parties,

And the fun times we had at your garage sales,

I’ll try not to cry,

As I try to let you go,

I’m not only losing my grandma,

I’m also losing my best friend,

I will always remember you Grandma,

You will live on in my heart and mind,

Just promise me,

You won’t forget me,

I Love You.


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