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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday


A lazy Sunday afternoon

Sitting around playing

Getting on the xbox

To save a country from war

In Call of Duty

Or maybe we will get

Some dragons slain

In the world of Skyrim

It’s been a few days since

I last logged in

And leveled up my panda

It all her round cuteness

So many options

And all day to do them

Gotta love

A Lazy Sunday afternoon

Better make it good

Better make it good

It’s the final thoughts

The final words

The final everything.

I need to go out

With all the bells and whistles

So that everyone knows

What they have done.

All those years of torture

All those years of anger

All those years of hate

Just built up into one final boom

Won’t they be surprised

To see their name in lights

Well not lights per say

But on TV none the less

Maybe then they will understand

That bulling isn’t the answer

Maybe then they will finally get it

That I took about all I could fucking take

And the last grain of sand broke me

It broke me down into a million

Tiny fragile pieces

All in an OCD like pile

Waiting to be picked up

But no one is there

To help put me back together.


Running, screaming into the night
the feelings she hides from him are killing her
she’s too afraid of what he might do

if he knew how she felt
she bleeds love for him
and he doesn’t see the stained sheets
she just can’t bare it, she wants to be with him so bad

but he’s with another woman again tonight
how can she have such deep feelings for someone
as shallow as a puddle

she is running as fast as she can
she can keep this up, she will kill herself if its the last thing she can do
she can’t live a loveless life
there is no one else for her

he’s the only one to make her realize she had such feelings
she can’t find these feelings in anyone else
so she runs to try to hide the frustration