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Day Off

It’s Friday
10 am
No where to go
No where to be
Not one thing
So I will just roll over
And go back to sleep
Or maybe I will lay here
And play games
Nothing like being lazy
On my day off.

8-legged demons

The fur
The 8 legs
Causing me so much pain
So much anguish
Lost memories
Of the creepy crawly
Sons of bitches
All over me
With everyone laughing
No one cares to help
Leave the girl alone in her pain
Just laugh at her.

3:05 am

A touch, innocent at first
Leads to a world far beyond,
The expected.
Skin as soft as silk
And a passion to heat them both.
Finally leading to the simple words,
I love you.

Little Things

Butterfly’s and flowers
All seem to catch my eye.
Their colors running deep
Through my soul.
The reds and blues
And purples and yellows
All fit together
Like beautiful puzzle pieces