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Out at night

She laced up her shoe
And popped her earbuds in
She pressed play
And walked out the door
She needs to clear her head
And she needs to run
She gets to the end of her street
And trend down the next
Her running picked up
As her thoughts got more in depth
She finally had to slow down
Her breathing was ragged
She leaned over her knees
To catch her breath
And someone knocked her down
Before she could turn around
They kicked her ribs
Knocking more wind out of her
They kicked her at least 10 times
Before stepping on her ankle
She felt it snap under the weight
She tried to move
But the pain pinned her down
A foot slid under her body
And it kicked her over
She saw the man standing over her
He smirked at her
Then spit in her eyes
He pulled his foot back
And kicked her in the head
Spit on her again
Then walked away
Leaving her there
Like she was yesterday’s trash.


You look at me with judging eyes
And I can see the work
Your mind has to do
To think of something clever
Your words may be clever
Each sentence laced with poison
But it takes more than your words
To break trough my skin
See I’ve heard it all before
From people who are closer than you
And yes their words are hurtful
But they and you don’t get to know.

Miss you

I thought about you a lot tonight
And I tried not too
Because every time I do
I miss you more
And I begin to cry
And sometimes I can’t stop
And I can’t help but think
That tonight I missed you so much
Because maybe you were
Looking down at me
And missing me too.

The look

She looked him in the eyes
And he spewed his filth
She picked up the knife
And started near her elbow
And made a red line
All the way down to her wrist
Never taking her eyes off him.


She sits on the edge of her bed
Her face in her hands
Tears falling down her cheeks
She let it get too far
She didn’t stop him this time
She asked for it
She wanted him to do it
He walks in and sits down next to her
He puts an ice pack on her cheek
She shutters away from him
She’s scared he’s going to do it again
But he’s being so kind and gentle
But she can’t stop thinking
About when it is going to happen again.


There lies the girl
Who smiles and giggles
And just about anything
She never passed up
The chance to sing a song
She goes out of her way
To cheer her friends up
Her heart is 10Xs the size it should be
But there she lies
Her eyes are unmoving
Her body has lost its animation
She lies there in her own blood
Everyone looks down upon her
They shake their head at her
Because she was a coward
She was a nothing
Because of what she did.


I just want that one time
To be looked at by others
And them think
That I am as beautiful
As I feel most days
Just once I want
That one stranger to look at me
And think that I’m too good to pass up
That sound shallow but
Just once it would feel nice
To feel stunning.


Go home I’m done with this
He yelled at her
She grabbed her keys
And ran out the door
Driving down the road
Tears falling from her face
She keeps picturing his face
The look of anger across it
As he yelled for her to leave
She blinks trying to banish her tears
But it only allows more to flow
She try’s wiping her eyes
But again no luck
The tears are falling
Like a stream
Her car begins to drift
She is unaware
As she keeps battling her tears
It isn’t until she heard the horn
What’s about to be done.

His phone rings an hour later
He see’s her number
And snaps at her when he answers
But the make voice on the other end
Makes his heart fall
He hangs up
And replays the last hour in his head
And falls to his feet
And his tears begin to fall


There he was just siting
She crawled over to him
Got in really close to his face
And before she could do anything
His hand came up and pushed her
She laughed which showed him
That it was ok to as well
He let out his tiny giggle
And went over to his mom
And hugged as much of her
As his little arms would let him.


She threw herself on her knees
Tears pouring from her eyes
His back was to her
And he was walking away
He was sick of her shit
Sick of her flip flopping
Sick of her talking back
This time she went too far
Please, I love you
She pleads to his back
No one else will love me
Like you do
He turns to her and looks at the mess
She has become
He’s never seen her so disheveled
He can see the sincerity in her eyes
Hear the hurt in her voice
He can’t bare to look at her anymore
He turns his back to her again
His breathing hitches
And he walks out the door.