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I stumble upon a river
Flowing wild and free
The sight of the water
Soothes my restless soul
I watch the water
And I imagine myself
As part of this freedom
And I drift away.


I crumble
I fall
I break down
Some days it’s hard
To stay on my feet
To keep myself upright
When everything around me
Works so hard to push me down
I’m picked at
And stepped on
It comes from everyone
But worst of all
The most of it
Comes from me
There is so much truth
In, I am my own worst enemy .


It begins to rain
Down on her face
And she lays in the grass
She has been laying here for hours
Just thinking about everything
About what’s been going on
And she lays here with her eyes closed
Taking in each hit these drops make
Like the drops are the words
Being spit from her enemies
Or words she herself have used
To build up her defense
Each drop hits her
Each one has it’s mission
But together they must try
To break her apart.