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Fuel to the fire

Wall away, go on
All you have done is shut me out
So I’m over it thanks to you
I’m pissed off
I’m hurt
Because you couldn’t grow a pair
And come and talk to me
I’m not a fucking child
I wouldn’t throw a fit
I would have listened to you
I would have been there for you
But instead you turned your back
So fine ..
You turn yours
And I’ll turn mine.


The knots in my stomach
Are nothing
Compared to the overwhelming
Need to let my tears fall
I hate when the people I care about
Are hurt or upset or angry
And when I can’t do anything
All those emotions fall back on to me
And I can’t pick one emotion
To go with so instead they all fill me
Each one fighting to take over me
And I let them each fight over my mind
Spiraling down with them
All these emotions battle
With one mission..
To break me down.

This feeling..

Words to some
Emotions to others
The anger
Courses through my body
Making me see red
The hate
Swirls up and around
Clouding my view
The rage…
It builds and builds
Making me want to explode
I want to scream
I want to yell
But the fear
Helps me keep it inside