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Sitting alone on a park bench

Was the dark haired girl

She sat there unattached.

Unattached to the world,

And unattached to her surroundings.

Nothing got her attention

Except for her music.

She sat there in silence

Gazing at the greens

That had just begun to spring.

People were moving all around her

Maybe even sit next to her

But she didn’t dare move

She never acknowledged them.

A darkness was growing

Around this bench

And there sat the dark haired girl.

A smile never once graced her face

Her muscles stiffening without the movement.

The darkness continued to grow

No one seemed to notice

The bench was about to be consumed into

This dark void that has been growing

But the dark haired girl

sat there until her entire being

was sucked into the darkness that was the night.

Now alone engulfed into the darkness

A wind began

picking up her hair

and moving it around like tentacles.

But never once did she move

Never once did she flinch.

But there she sat,

In the darkness that she built

With only one other guest

a man she never met, nor will she meet

And as she sat there, unfazed by the darkness

This began to creep closer

Until he was right beside her

And he sat himself down

Never looked at her

And she never looked at him

Silently the two sat there

Until the man reached into his pocket

Searching around until he found

A folded up piece of paper.

He pulled it out

And handed it to the dark haired girl

As soon as she touched it

The darkness swooped in

And consumed her entire being

Her head rolled back

Her shoulders slumped.

No longer did she see

No longer did she feel

No longer did she listen

The dark haired girl

Who sat alone all day

Never once making contact

With the living world

Was consumed into the darkness.

The dark void began to shrink

Until nothing was left

The dark haired girl

The man who came for her

It was all gone

All that was left was a bench.