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She sits on the edge of her bed
Her face in her hands
Tears falling down her cheeks
She let it get too far
She didn’t stop him this time
She asked for it
She wanted him to do it
He walks in and sits down next to her
He puts an ice pack on her cheek
She shutters away from him
She’s scared he’s going to do it again
But he’s being so kind and gentle
But she can’t stop thinking
About when it is going to happen again.


I question..
My looks
My weight
My feelings
Never understanding
What inner beauty
Or outer beauty was
But only thinking
That I’m worthless
And that I will never be anything..
But you didn’t help
You told me
I was stupid…
You asked me
Why I was fat….
You told me
That no one likes a girl like me…
It took a few years
But I finally feel some confidence
In myself as a human being
It’s hard to maintain it
Around you… But I need to
I need to keep myself where I am
Because I spent days
Building myself up
Which then turned into years
And it got me to where I am today
No thanks to you
And your painful ways
You try to burn me back down.

8-legged demons

The fur
The 8 legs
Causing me so much pain
So much anguish
Lost memories
Of the creepy crawly
Sons of bitches
All over me
With everyone laughing
No one cares to help
Leave the girl alone in her pain
Just laugh at her.