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Laying on the floor
I look up at my surroundings
It’s plain
Nothing is on the walls
No pictures
Nor color
Just plain white walls
There is no sound
But my own breathing
My own steady heartbeat
It’s boring
All this plain
And all this emptiness
I need to find something
To fill this void
Before I lose it.

Out at night

She laced up her shoe
And popped her earbuds in
She pressed play
And walked out the door
She needs to clear her head
And she needs to run
She gets to the end of her street
And trend down the next
Her running picked up
As her thoughts got more in depth
She finally had to slow down
Her breathing was ragged
She leaned over her knees
To catch her breath
And someone knocked her down
Before she could turn around
They kicked her ribs
Knocking more wind out of her
They kicked her at least 10 times
Before stepping on her ankle
She felt it snap under the weight
She tried to move
But the pain pinned her down
A foot slid under her body
And it kicked her over
She saw the man standing over her
He smirked at her
Then spit in her eyes
He pulled his foot back
And kicked her in the head
Spit on her again
Then walked away
Leaving her there
Like she was yesterday’s trash.


The want is there
It’s a burning desire
So many ways I could do it
So many things that can
Release my pain
To bleed out this darkness
It’s like a fucking game
The want is strong on both sides
The want to do it and bleed it out
And the want to not to hurt others.


A shimmer of pink
Dances around her
Her brown shoulder length hair
Reminds me of someone
She giggles
And it’s the most delightful sound
My arms long to hug her
And my soul wants to be there
But I blink
And a sadness falls on my heart
Because the beautiful little girl
Remains just a dream in my heart.


The darkness is wrapped
Around me like a blanket
My body is weak
It’s betrayed me
My thoughts
Are dark like my surroundings
They are malicious and vicious
These thoughts
Have been banned from my mind
So why are they here now
These are the thoughts
That always required an action
It’s the only way
It’s what will make it better
I don’t need to see
To do what has to be done
The knife is already in my hand
And nothing else will make this better.

Washed Away

The tide rolls in
As I lay along the shore
The water dancing at my toes
I look up to the sky
And see nothing
The blue sky
Is warm an inviting
But I don’t belong there
The tide rolls in
Swirling around my waste
The water feels so warm
The emptiness in my head
Is occupying my time
The tide rolls in
Embracing my neck
And still the emptiness
Explodes out of my body
The tide rolls in
And takes me out to sea.

This feeling..

Words to some
Emotions to others
The anger
Courses through my body
Making me see red
The hate
Swirls up and around
Clouding my view
The rage…
It builds and builds
Making me want to explode
I want to scream
I want to yell
But the fear
Helps me keep it inside


She laid there
Naked and cold
The fear
Overcomes her
He looks down at her
Tied to the bed
He slaps her
She needs to break
She needs to submit
But her will won’t give in
He slaps her again
This time across the face
The sting on her cheek
Burns like it’s been set on fire
Tears gently roll down her
Burning cheeks
He knows he’s almost broke her
But yet she still refuses to give in
She looks into his eyes
She sees no expression
After a moment he looks away
He moves to her shackles
And begins to tighten them
Pulling her arms higher
He then goes to her feet
And the familiar pull is there
He then runs his fingertips
Up her thigh
Past her hips
And around her breast
He caresses her cheek
And they make eye contact again
This time she sees his drive
She knows what’s driving him
She knows he wants control
He wants that dominance
He sweeps her hair from her face
And pulls so her head tilts back
He traces his nose
Along her jaw line
Moving to her tender neck
He kisses her softly
Then bites down
She lets out a slight moan
Now he’s got her
He will make her submit
He kisses her neck again
Making a trail down her neck
Down to her breast
He then bites her
Again she moans
In a mixture of pain
And pleasure
She doesn’t want this
She wants the pleasure
She knows what she needs to do
He stands up and looks down at her
She looks him in his eyes
And whispers


His smile holds
Hidden thoughts
But she has her own
She giggles
When he states at her
But she loves
That his eyes are on her
Her cheeks begin to grow
A deep crimson color.


I question..
My looks
My weight
My feelings
Never understanding
What inner beauty
Or outer beauty was
But only thinking
That I’m worthless
And that I will never be anything..
But you didn’t help
You told me
I was stupid…
You asked me
Why I was fat….
You told me
That no one likes a girl like me…
It took a few years
But I finally feel some confidence
In myself as a human being
It’s hard to maintain it
Around you… But I need to
I need to keep myself where I am
Because I spent days
Building myself up
Which then turned into years
And it got me to where I am today
No thanks to you
And your painful ways
You try to burn me back down.