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I stumble upon a river
Flowing wild and free
The sight of the water
Soothes my restless soul
I watch the water
And I imagine myself
As part of this freedom
And I drift away.


You look at me with judging eyes
And I can see the work
Your mind has to do
To think of something clever
Your words may be clever
Each sentence laced with poison
But it takes more than your words
To break trough my skin
See I’ve heard it all before
From people who are closer than you
And yes their words are hurtful
But they and you don’t get to know.

Miss you

I thought about you a lot tonight
And I tried not too
Because every time I do
I miss you more
And I begin to cry
And sometimes I can’t stop
And I can’t help but think
That tonight I missed you so much
Because maybe you were
Looking down at me
And missing me too.

The look

She looked him in the eyes
And he spewed his filth
She picked up the knife
And started near her elbow
And made a red line
All the way down to her wrist
Never taking her eyes off him.


I just want that one time
To be looked at by others
And them think
That I am as beautiful
As I feel most days
Just once I want
That one stranger to look at me
And think that I’m too good to pass up
That sound shallow but
Just once it would feel nice
To feel stunning.


I stood there and let the hot water
Wash all around me
The tears were falling down my face
The tears cause by the days events
Which keep swimming around inside
I tried so hard to push them away
To let it go
But it was no use
This sadness was building
And before I knew
It was larger than myself
Now the tears fall
And I’m trying to stop them.


My smile is beautiful
And it hides all my secrets
My eyes are beautiful
They have cried more tears
Than anyone could guess
My heart is kind
Because it has seen so much pain.

Just me

There are days when I wake up
And I look at myself in the mirror
Through my squinty eyes
And I see a woman looking at me
Her hair is slightly a mess
Her cheeks have a slight pink to them
She has curves
She’s human.
But when I look at her
I get a little smile
Because this woman looking at me
Has grown up
She has matured
And she knows what she wants
She knows what makes her happy
And she knows what sets her off
There are days when she is happy
And there are days when she’s depressed
It’s those days that remind her
Just how human she is
And for that she smiles.


Time goes by
Ever so slowly
It makes the day drag on
As this shift is never ending.

Stars and Stripes

The world around me is dark
Then suddenly the sky is lit up
Noise explodes all around me
The sounds of an active battle ground
But the colors are beautiful and bright
And for a moment life is forgotten
As I’m thrown back to childhood
And awe comes over my face.