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I stood there and let the hot water
Wash all around me
The tears were falling down my face
The tears cause by the days events
Which keep swimming around inside
I tried so hard to push them away
To let it go
But it was no use
This sadness was building
And before I knew
It was larger than myself
Now the tears fall
And I’m trying to stop them.


My smile is beautiful
And it hides all my secrets
My eyes are beautiful
They have cried more tears
Than anyone could guess
My heart is kind
Because it has seen so much pain.


The knots in my stomach
Are nothing
Compared to the overwhelming
Need to let my tears fall
I hate when the people I care about
Are hurt or upset or angry
And when I can’t do anything
All those emotions fall back on to me
And I can’t pick one emotion
To go with so instead they all fill me
Each one fighting to take over me
And I let them each fight over my mind
Spiraling down with them
All these emotions battle
With one mission..
To break me down.